Request: Derma...

Hello, I made a derma but it doesnt work. I asked on this forum, but it still doesnt work.
Please can someone make a derma like this:

Thanks for helping me…

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The models for the spawnicons: [lua] local icon = {}
icon[1] = “models/player/Group01/Male_07.mdl”
icon[2] = “models/player/police.mdl”
icon[3] = “models/player/combine_soldier_prisonguard.mdl”
icon[4] = “models/player/breen.mdl”
icon[5] = “models/player/group03/male_01.mdl”
icon[6] = “models/player/gman_high.mdl”
icon[7] = “models/player/monk.mdl”
icon[8] = “models/player/kleiner.mdl” [/lua]

Can anyone help me? I don’t need the whole code, but only a few lines to get it working. I post my code tomorrow.

NVM, I found the solution.