REQUEST: Diablo 3 models(Diablo 3 Spoilers to be safe)

Back in 2010, when StarCraft 2 was released, many of you guys managed to convert the models from the game to Garry’s Mod. And for that, I salute you.

But now I have a request. With Diablo 3 now out, I would like to see some of you rip the models from the game into Garry’s Mod. If you can do that, I’ll be thanking you, big time.

The obvious requests are as follow

Deckard Cain(AKA Mr “Stay awhile and listen”)

The Archangel Tyrael

The Big Guy himself “Diablo”

why not include the heroes as well?

That’s only if you want. But I must warn you that each hero character has a boatload of different setups.

I found these tools while searching the internet maybe someone can use them to get the models. For the models and for the textures . I for one would just be happy if Imperius could be extracted.