Request, Dust 514 models [Pictures provided.]

Hello all first time posting here, I’m looking for someone to make me two Dust 514 models that I can use to animate in SFM.

The two models I am asking for is an assault rifle and a player model, I have provided 360(ish) degree photos of both to help.

Here are four photos showing the player model from the front, back, left and right. Sadly I can’t get a top down view because the in-game model viewer only lets me rotate left and right.

Now for the four photos of the game’s assault rifle. I just want to apologise in advance for the game’s model viewer off centring the item and putting half of it off screen at one point.

[The screenshot below is from the back of the gun]

[The screenshot below is from the front of the gun]

I hope these images help.

Sorry for the bad image quality, but I can’t seem to take any HD photos with my capture card. Also sorry for the in-game item viewer cutting off parts of the gun/player model, I can’t zoom in or out.

If anyone could make me these models so I can use them for movies in SFM then it would be greatly appreciated as they are vital for my next video.

Models are never going to be ported from this. It’s impossible.

Dust 514 is a PS3 exclusive and is a download only title. There was some nice ideas, though.

Someone with a devkit could always check. It’s entirely possibly that the meshes are granny2s just as Eve (which has gr2s for both the ships and character meshes.