Request: Easy - Chat text into variable.

This looks fairly simple but I’ve never done LUA and don’t want to start learning another language, not this week anyway.


Needs to store the following into an array.

message[3] =Time
message[4] = Name
message[5] = SteamID
message[6] = Message (Text in chat)

If anyone could throw that snipper together it would be great, I am wanting it to do this for every line of chat said. So on local.message or w/e .

I’m making the web gui currently. So if nobody has helped within a day or so I guess I can try myself :wink:


function PlayerSpoke()
	message[1] = tonumber(os.time());
	message[2] = tostring(ply:Nick);
	message[3] = tostring(ply:SteamID);
	message[4] = tostring(text);
	message[5] = tobool(Player:IPAddress);
hook.Add("PlayerSay", 1, PlayerSpoke);

But how todo the message :slight_smile:

Oh, so i pretty much made it heh.