Request: elexis reskin

I assume many people have wanted it but never asked, on the lastest elexis is nude but doesnt have a vagina!!D:!

my request is for somone to give her such because i know nothing of skinning or the programs needed

1, she does…
2, wrong section (is it that hard to notice the subsection at the top?)

O.o! no she doesnt, all she has is landing strip hair and a blank spot

look below the hair

theres nothing on mine

say what?

i actually do have a pic but i just joined today, how do i post the pic (its saved in screenshots)

use this…
[img][ /img]

but with no spaces, upload the image, press right mouse button, view image, and copy the link at the top their, and paste inbewtween both tags, but remember, no spaces

where and how do i upload the image to? i tried just doing the [img[ thing and put rp_richlandday0005.jpg and previewed it but it didnt show

upload it to or

first, then, for filefront, copy and paste link inbetween the tags, or for cubeupload, press the tags until its big, then press view image

there we go! ty btw