[REQUEST] Entity spawner?

Could anyone make an entity spawner?
When i run “esave” command the entities and props currently spawned should be saved for the current map
and when i run “eload” the entities and props should be spawned at they’r original location and angle.
Anyone do this?

I still have no answer

It’s not that hard, just write a script that loops over every entity and stores their key values, I’d write it here myself but I forget the syntax for writing to files…

Yes, it is that hard. If it isn’t that hard i would succeed doing so. Here’s the code i am trying to use

You could write it in pseudo code. I could do it in LUA then.

Look, to be honest, if you really want something like this, advanced duplicator 2 has a nice function that copies a specific area, you could EASILY modify this to make the area the entire map, and then just add a console command that runs it…


No need to modify, I made it with this purpose in mind. A small plugin script could be written to do any of this. I’ll post a small script a couple of hours after I wake up, bout to go to bed.