REQUEST: Extended Height HL2 Lighthouse

This is a request for building the HL2 Lighthouse extended similar in height to Ostankino Tower in Moscow. Of course, we can’t go that high, but the higher the better. Below are the details and payment.

A friend of mine de-compiled the original lighthouse, and recreated each brush so that it’d compile again. All you’ll need to do is drag the top of the lighthouse off, duplicate the lighthouse structure vertically as many times as possible (Until the height limit is reached in hammer), then add the top again (With the two floors with equipment for the light under the actual roof). The base of the lighthouse should be sitting on the old GM_Flatgrass. Here is the decompiled lighthouse:!SAACVZKJ!HDnpq9...DPIrjcwuJZD6VM

Now for the reward part:

If the map is completed as said above, I will gift you any individual game on Steam.

Thanks in advance!

I’ll do it, but your download link is broken.
EDIT: More specifically, it says it needs the decryption key.

Try using a different browser. I got it to work in Opera, but not Chrome.

I’m not using Chrome or Opera. Maybe check if you have the full URL?

“Cannot decrypt metadata without key.”

Is the file public? And did you copy a link for sharing? (I’ve not used mega, so not sure if this is an option.)

With mega, hit “include decryption key in url”

And so basically you want us to make a super high lighthouse with stairs?

Started working on this:


Should be done tomorrow, it depends how much time I have to work on it.

Are you using the version he provided or the original HL2 brushwork? Because I already told him I’d do it if he could fix the link.

HL2 brushwork. Also it seems I’ve accidentally deleted the files so the project is all yours :V
Sorry about all this.

Nah it’s alright man, I was just wondering!

Sorry about that, here’s a new link:

opsatcat’s picture is what I am looking for, along with flatgrass at the bottom of the lighthouse.

UPDATE: Yeah alright having it extend as far as you want it turns it into an absolute wreck upon compile. I have to func_detail it all to even make it run, but doing that breaks the areaportals, which also makes the compile insanely long and stressful on my PC. If someone else wants to take a crack at this, they can go right ahead. No game on my wishlist is expensive enough that I need to ruin my computer for it.

If you upload your .vmf I’ll give it a shot

working on it. by the way, your vmf seems to have no light enviorment? i might have to recreate that.

EDIT: Compiling… this could take a while…

EDIT: finished first compile. turns out whatever skybox you use doesnt exist and thus i will change it to its default from the map of the light house (d2_coast_10)
also its completely dark inside, so i will have to add some more lights inside as well[/T]

EDIT: compiling with new additions and with -final and hdr, will probably be done in a few hours

EDIT: the second compile also failed. however, i tried messing with a few light settings and the skybox and recompiled a third time with fast settings. this time everything worked but half of the brushes flicker (probably due to vvis being set to fast)
I will compile yet again with it fixed
(yeah, some brushes are invisible there due to vvis)

(skybox finally working)

There is a prop static for with a model of some boat, but even with all source games mounted in gmod, it remains an error sign. I will remove it unless you ask me not to (will will provide the vmf after all is done anyways)

EDIT again: This stupid flickering bug is ticking me off, couldnt fix it after multiple compiles with different settings. at this point im converting the stairs into a model via propper to lower brush complexity (which i think is the cause of the brushes flickering to begin with). its been almost 2 days, and this is not how i want to spend my last day of summer, but i will get this map done if it kills me at this point

EDIT: and i fixed the stupid flickering brush bug! only to realize that the water is using an invalid texture! i shall recompile one final time, and this project will be done

Sorry to hear about all of the problems. Hope it works out in the end. If not, i’m not in any rush, so if it takes a month to make it a quality map, so be it. Hammer is a bitch to work with.

What’s your estimate for how tall it will be?

its so tall that source couldnt render the whole thing at once, the source engine does not like thousands of stairs being rendered at once (although I fixed that with a few tricks)

a rough estimate (according to simple brush height and mental math) is 1850 ft high. (its very fun to go to the top and jump down in the middle of the ring of stairs)

and thank you for asking me this because i think i just found the cause the water glitching when I was measuring

EDIT: this is how high it looks in game:

I fixed everything at this point, i shall now compile (again) with -final and prop vertex lighting and everything once more, and hopefully then this project will come to a close
fingers crossed no other bug will show up

Sorry for the double post, but I would like to report that the map is (finally) done! It’s late at night now and I need some sleep, so tomorrow I will explain in detail what I did to get this thing to work, and if op allows, I may post the bsp and/or the vmf as well

As for op, I’m sending a pm with the download link right now.

EDIT: ok, I just wanted to mention why others probably had issues with this

What the others did first (including myself) was take the a staircase from the center, and duplicate it dozens of time to extend the height. The problem with that is that each staircase unit is about 60 brushes, and then you duplicate that about 100 to 150 times, and then then all those brushes render at once. Thousands of brushes rendering at once is generally a bad thing

so its natural for the compile to take a stupidly long time, and for the engine to just give up on rendering it ingame, causing this to happen

the stairs don’t even render until you get close, causing weird artifacts like this

And if you look from the bottom straight up or the straight bottom down, the source engine commits seppuku and gives up, causing nothing to render and the remaining textures to spazz out.

I tried many times to change some things into func detail, to adding func_visclusters, so forth.
Eventually, I decided to learn how to use propper. after an hour of getting the thing to work with steam pipe, i converted a sizable part of the staircase into a prop (just the steps, not the walls). I replaced a steps in the middle with the prop, leaving only the ends brushes (because they have higher lighting quality, and one would notice that more at the beginning or end)

I had to fix other stuff too, the skybox was invalid, there were missing props, and I had to do away with all the func_areaportals because they were useless and unpractical anyways. I did a final compile with vertex lighting (to try to keep the prop stair lighting quality as high as possible). All in all, it took me 2 days of straight work, and about 9 -final compiles

A true pain, but some good lessons learned

sorry for the triple post at this point, but im bumping this because it has been well over a day since I submitted my map, and OP did not respond to me, although facepunch says he was on the site multiple times recently. I am just going to hope that OP doesn’t know how PM’s work and didn’t realize that the thread was updated…

As for the rest of you, sorry for this bump

Someone please upload the .vmf
Making a simple map like this cant be that hard to have that many problems.

Just make flatgrass. Fill all the air with a (or multiple splitted up) func_viscluster. Insert the tower. Cut too long brushes, so vrad don’t complain. And scale up unneeded lightmap grids.
Should compile in like 2-5 minutes and sould work without problems.
I also encountered compile problems while using gmod’s vrad, vbsp and vvis. Use source sdk base mp 13 ones.