[REQUEST] Fallout 3 Styled Map

Hello all! I’m here to ask a request for a large map, if someone would be willing to make it, as I possess basic to average skill in Hammer.

The map in question is a Fallout style map, the specific Fallout game I am looking to get made is Fallout 3. Now you can either make it like Fallout 3 or be custom and just have the color, textures, etc for this map. Either way, I am willing to pay between 100 to 175 dollars for this, if I have to, I will go up to 200 USD.

Really what I want to see in this map is the following:

  • A town fit enough for Roleplay, so maybe like 6 houses, a house for like a sheriff/mayor, a gas station?, and maybe a place of worship.
  • 3 Medium sized bases, one for the Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave and Outcasts, they can be of any design, but let’s stay a little bit more canon for this. Meaning BoS and Outcasts would go for anything, from a trash place to a high-tec place and then the Enclave go for a Tech-like to High-Tec place.
  • A few random places for bases, for raiders, talon company, playerbased factions, etc.
  • A medium to large sized warehouse, preferably able to fit mutants into, so maybe add a rather big hole in the wall.
  • Some sort of lake or river that easy to access, won’t kill you though. Fit for mirelurks and such.
  • A basic road system that look like they are from Fallout 3/NV.
  • A cave of some sort, maybe a mining cave.

That is all I am looking for for this map. I can help with models, textures, etc if you need them! Add me on steam and make sure you can take paypal!


  • I do not mind if you want to release this after its done, I totally understand.
  • I will get a bit annoying about asking for map updates, sorry, I try not to ask for a couple days, the best way is just send me updates whenever you have them :p.

But what should the gameplay type be? I mean is it for HL2, like a mod, or whatelse mod/game type. Just saying it should be a map in a fallout 3 style is somewhat vague.

Also, that sounds like, a whole fking lot for Hammer to take. Remember that Hammer only has a max of 2048 entities to be used. It cannot be bypassed by any means unless you change the code from the bottom up

I know, thats really not that much, not EVERYTHING has to be made out of props. Remember that the brush limit is 8192, you can do alot, and I mentioned roleplay for a reason, so yes, it would for HL2/Gmod or whatever you would like to call it. :smile:

I know somebody was making a map of the Mojave wasteland, but then drama happened.

Yes thanks that was me. And i dont think i pussied out.

nah she stopped working on it after drama from other communities.

My apologies. I didn’t know what happened afterwards.