[Request] Fix for wather mod

This mod have rain,snow,day,night (by the things I know), but isn’t working anymore… could someone check it and fix it?

thank you…


Look the end for new requests

It works.

If i’m saying it don’t works, for some reason it don’t works right? did you even test it? -.-. See what I am asking first, no cookie for you D:

It uses colour correction. Your card probably can’t do that.

It worked for you? Dont think it works just bcause someone come here and sey it works, even because I was asking other things than the mod fix, and I have auto correction enabled also. So that guy with a wolf avatar doesn’t even test it or care about this thread.

I said it works… I have it implimented into my gamemode…

So why jump to the conclusion that I havnt tried it? If i said it works, it works. You must be doing something wrong.

You now just told me the answer, originally weather mod is a addon, and what I see now by your answer is that it works as a gamemode implemetation and not as a addon.Thanks anyway

Really? Wow. Your welcome.

do your weather changes to rain or we need to set it manually?

Mine changes randomly.

It works fine for me. And unless you make some changes to you will have to change the weather manually. It works as an addon, too, make sure you installed it properly.

I’ll try to reinstall it , thank you for the help, sorry jamie : 3

Weathermod in-game menu doesn’t let me change the things (is dedicated) , but I added myself as a admin, could someone make it work in-game? Thanks

i use that addon slightly modified on my server also, it works

i dint mod it to work i just made it admin only controlled and such.

could you post that lua file changed for me pleaze? Idk how to make lua or edit lua files.

need fix for dedicated server :confused:

Just tested it, works perfectly… even on dedicated servers