Request: FO3 Backpacks on NPC's

Hello all,
I am requesting that someone compile these backpacks: into bodygrouped models for the group03/male_09 NPC. I do not want a new model for the npc or a new skin, I would just like the regular NPC with all of the FO3 backpacks in the pack available as bodygroup options, obviously on his back. I would like this for a machinima project whose first episode is set to be released soon. If you help, you will receive a special thanks in the credits.
Anyone up for this?
Thanks in advance,
Captain Nerdy

You could probably get someone to rig the backpack to the right bones, and then get an Lua script to attach it to the player.

Won’t PAC2 do?

I would normally do it with PAC, but I need the backpacks to be on NPCs, not players, as players cannot act out scripted scenes.