Request for a horror thing of sorts [REDONE THREAD]

Basically what I want is an npc (or sent if need be) that sneaks up on NPCs and Players and kills and leaves blood. To add to the scaryness. Can destroy lights from the light tool. Makes noises every so often to scare you shitless. I think it would be much better than friendly neighborhood compainion cube (ITS A COOB AND SUCKS (A joke)) Any Criticism would be appreciated

Okay, Anyone who rates dumb please say why.

Y’know, I was considering uploading an addon I had from a while back that fits your description perfectly. But, judging from your reply, I won’t be doing that.

I’m rating you dumb because you’re not wanted here. G’day.

I am not wanted because everyone has something against me and I want a reason why? And because I wanted a reason you don’t want to update an addon?

You get dumbs because you fail provide quality content to this forum. Who would want to make an NPC for some like you? I mean, would you want to, to someone who made two threads and pretty much spammed about it?

Then help me fix it.

The problem is that this would take a lot of time and coding and no one will do that for free. Learn 2 code.

Read it, This is the main post I am talking about.