Request for a model

If anyone could do a favor, can someone make a furry model, I can texture it, and stuff like that, I just need the model.
That would be very helpful! You will get my eternal thanks, but sadly, if your asking for money, thats out of the question, sense the last time I wired money, I’m not going to do it again for a long… time. Damn thief’s…

I think we need a big Vegas style sign for the request section.

Well I’m pretty sure no one is going to do this since you’re asking it for free. I doubt no one would steal your money on here, unless if you’re that retarded. Plus you didn’t give any details on this. You just asked for a model. No details on the model.

I think he stated he wanted a furry-type model. Presumably one looking like his avatar.

That’s just a head. There’s still more things needed to be told about for the model.

The head is so badly drawn, I cannot determine what animal that is.

I thought it was some mutant at first.