Request for a moderator created sticky (If Possible)

It’s simple, all I really want is a quick sticky that sensible people can read about what they can and can not do on these forums. Hopefully this would alleviate new users getting banned for things they don’t know about.

I personally was banned for a while due to making an introduction thread. While I was annoyed, it wasn’t a permanent ban, and I am willing to come back to this community and continue to participate. I simply did not know that I was not allowed to make an introduction post, and in no way was I attempting to make a new thread for everyone to come in an introduce themselves. If there was a sticky up about what is allowed and not, then I could have avoided that small amount of embarrassment.

I am not looking to bash anyone with this thread or whine / complain. I am just simply requesting (respectfully) that something like this be put in place if it is possible for moderators to do so. Thank you and have a good day.

No one really needs an introduction thread. Just start posting.

And remember, being banned is your warning. If you’re afraid you’re going to get banned for posting something, then simply don’t post it.

New users should lurk around the forums some more and see how other people act, and read up on other people’s bans. That way, you know what to do and what not to do.

This is a good idea, and would hopefully maybe filter some of the beggers and trolls out.

However, why would you post an introduction in a forum labeled “Rust”. There are other more suitable forums for that (this forum is undergoing mass amounts of useless posts, the moderators are trying to fix that) even if it’s not allowed.
Most people here usually lurk around first, and watch how others post before they themselves start posting.

The only reason I am on the facepunch forums at all is because of Rust, and that was the reason why I posted my intro here. I am not interested in anything else the forums have, just this game.

I know now to watch what others post more, but I have yet to experience such fierce moderation before using these forums. Once again, not complaining, just stating what I see.

Ask mods before you do stupid stuff. Is it that hard?

Got that right, nearly every user has been banned at least once.

Not that it’s a bad thing.

It’s not stupid and asking a mod takes time. But yes looking for an intro section does help first.

It’s called reading the rules which are conveniently at the bottom left of every page, and if specific sections have stickies with specific section rules in them I’d read those too. Otherwise, if you don’t know how to properly post, don’t. Lurk until you can post without the worry of getting banned.