Request for a new battle rifle M1 garand and M14

We could use 2 battle rifles that have same stats as AK but a Smaller mag size and slower ROF.
You all know and love the M1 garand if you don’t know nothing about this awesome weapon go check it out, cuz it will fill an awesome Roll in the game as for the M14 it’s also a good choice but I prefer the M1 garand. So the M1 garand can cost about 25 hqm, 200 wood and 50 metal fragments… Please if you like this idea about adding the M1 garand or M14 into the game Comment below so that developers can later look at the post and decide what to do… :slight_smile:

If you’ve played rust you should know that the developer’s are working on making hand - made weapons instead of machine fabricated weapons, it’s the whole premise of rust, hence why they got rid of the P250 and added in the semi - auto handmade pistol.

if you didnt notice assault rifle looks very same to an Ak and there is the LMG you get from the chopper , i mean waistlanded M1 garand would be nice

I don’t think the devs want this game to be like COD

what , this has nothing to do with cod its just like a ak but less mag and lower price

Realistically, either weapon would do more damage than an AK.

The AK fires 7.62x39, while the M1 Garand and M14 fire .30-06 and .308, respectively, which are similar to the dimensions of NATO 7.62x51. The point being, the bullets the M14/M1 Garand fire are longer and thus have more space for propellant, so they have a higher velocity, thus increasing range, damage, AND recoil.

tl;dr, having these guns as an inbetween point between the bolty and the AK would be a far better choice, and I do support the suggestion to do so.

Also, there WAS concept art for a rustified M14, and there already IS the semi-auto rifle which fills the role you’re currently suggesting.

M1 garand could use a 556 bullet, and an 8 round mag, it can have a Smaller mag then the semi auto rifle but can have more damage and faster reload

while it would be nice to have a junkyard M1 Garand, the devs aren’t focused on that right now. more variation is always good, and taking balance into consideration, i feel like this could be a fine addition much later on to compliment the thompson


Please if you don’t know guns you don’t belong here :slight_smile:

I don’t know if your completely understanding the demand for these kinds of things. People that play shooters love playing shooters but they don’t want to use the same damn gun every time. Typically, new rifles and firearms just add variety. Games depend on variety to thrive. No one likes using the same weapon to get a job done.

Above, you stated " they look cool, but how does this add to the game?"
Easy. This adds to the game by creating a new experience for the player. Logically speaking, I new way to kill people. :wink:

You also stated, “why implement another that just looks different?”
Easy. Giving the player a new way to look at something gives them a different feel.

If you can tell me one game that doesn’t add some sort of weapon or defence to add a different feel confidently without question… Great! But every game I’ve played has worked on adding guns, clothing, armor, weapons, vehicles. ANYTHING. Fallout, assassins creed, COD, battlefield, dayz, arma, 7 days to die, reign of kings, hurtworld, space engineers, etc.

So everyone have a good evening.

I fully support additional firearms being added. I also made a post for a craftable m4a1… Go check it out!

i love you man !!!

i appreciate that people like to use different types of guns; it’s part of the reason games like cod and cs are popular. my point is that how many assault rifle type guns does a survival/pve game like rust actually need? at the moment, it basically has 1 of each vague category of gun ie pistol, sub machine gun, assault rifle, shotgun, rifle, heavy machine gun…

you are suggesting the superfulous addition of another gun/ammo type just because you like the way a particular model looks/handles/smells. i like the desert eagle, but in the end it’s just another pistol and there is no reason to add it alongside the 9mm that is already in game just to have the deagle in rust. all it adds is customisation, not anything to gameplay.

and yes, the devs might decide “fuck yeah, love the m1, that’s my shit bro” and you get it next update. but i don’t think the m1, the m14, the as val, or the vss vintorez would add ANYTHING to the game worth putting them in.

my 2 cents.

I agree with you. It’s insane to have more and more guns in Rust. And if Scatches doesn’t see a variety of guns in the game. He or she must be blind. So why don’t you use the thompson or the smg?

And Warlord1999 if you are such a great weapon expert. Why don’t you call the LMG not with his name, M249 Minimi from FN? It’s a good Belgian weapon.

I just the flamethrower to be added in

Didn’t know I was permanently unable to see… No wonder I can comprehend what the fuck your talking about. I see variety in rust and if you were resourceful you would look back to my m4a1 link and see the second paragraph. Rust has variety, for sure. As are lovely debate continues I’m personally not expecting to bring this any farther than it already has. Mrknifey has stated that there are close to one of each firearm class in the game at the moment. I’m not asking for a new gun for the hell of it, nor am I asking for an M1 or M14 that’s his argument. I posted on the Ak’s first leading compeditor. I argued that the physical demand for extended weaponry is high!

Please don’t force disrespectful and unnecessary comments towards me or other on this forums. Might otherwise offend someone that is a bit more sensitive. Please. Rudo…

Please check out my post before you come onto me.

I am gonna say it again, it’s an apocalypse, you get to chose every weapon. You want, think of it M1 garand and M14 where massively produced in ww2 and people still used it In Vietnam also South Korea had M1 garand as a normal infantryman weapon, and to this day m14 and I think M1 garand are used at seremonials And stuff, which just says that the rifle was a huge hit and still is today

yeah, but warlord you haven’t yet made an argument as to why it would be beneficial to add these to the game other than “i think it’s a better gun”, “i like it” or “it was popular in nam”. there needs to be a limit to what they put into the game or it loses focus, especially in early development.

I completely agree that this is not a top priority for development. In my post I made it clear this isn’t a necessity nor is it a rush feature. It is honestly for extended fun in the game. I’m hoping they take in some key survival features before adding additional side-features. I would truely like to see a more in depth hunger system. The hunger system is truly awful right now. As a later note, I think a more detailed threat in the game should be worked on. Only real threat is other players. Oh, also that big helicopter. Still not sure it’s a great threat, but is counts. This could be to a sustained wheather system, to a additional wildlife. And looking WAY down the road of development, vehicles or Faster transportation.

I’m spit balling… But could add potentially rather grand experiences.

We already have plenty of guns. This isn’t CS:GO. :speechless: