Request for a TF2-Style T-72 Tank

For a server-side mod I am working on, I’d like to request a model of a TF2-Style Russian T-72 Tank.


The Top Turret MUST be a separate model from the main Body. ~ This is for radial rotation of the Head Turret

The main gun must be at 1/4 the length of the real thing ~ This is to comply with TF2’s Style

The Tank Body, combined with the Tank Head, needs to be at least SLIGHTLY taller and wider than the Heavy ~ This is to ensure the Tank’s collisions can still fit through most doorways in Maps.

Model does NOT need to be animated or compiled but needs at least Full Models with TF2-look

Textures are not required but I can give extra payment for both models to be textured in TF2-style combined with the TF2-Styled modelling


Reference Photos

some more tf2 styled military models would be nice as a whole tbh.

I know someone made a TF2 Sherman as part of the Vehicle competition. Also, this is a pretty big request. I don’t anyone’s going to do it unless you offer some heavy reward.

reward/payment is optional as stated in my OP.

But it MUST be mentioned and negotiated.

The only problem I see is that you’re asking for a player-sized model. Is going to look…awkward

Create the second vehicle pack competition!

mehhhhhh not EXACTLY Player sized but it’s for a server-side mod that I’m planning to make.

The server-side mod will also given full public release including source code.

I forgot to mention that, IF the person doing this request will texture the model, the model must be team skinned as well.

no takers?

Payment will be given if wanted.