Request for Black Ops Characthers + Tutorial for fix the UV of BO Characthers

1- I’m Requesting for BO characters, I know that the UV is bugged, I’ll teach to I have the skins.


Lets Go.

OBS: Only with .3dr files =) / I dont make, because I dont know how to rig =)

1st Open your 3d ripper DX and ripper all BO skins ‘-’
2nd Open your 3d studio max and import the .3dr file
3rd Now delete the scene, leaving only the character and find textures folder (textures you need in .dds)
4th Download the DDS CONVERTER ( )
5th Open It, and find the textures of the character.
6th After you converted the textures and put in a folder, back to the 3ds max.
7th Take the texture, and drag up the object that corresponds to it:

will look like this:

8th- Now select this part and Tools>>Channel Info>> 6:Map [COPY] >> 1:Map [PASTE]

Now’s OK. And it will fix, thus:

In the End:

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Now, you finish a pack. PLEASE RELEASE !_!

Why don’t you do it? seeing how you can edit the model and stuff.

You want fourth medal?
luxox_18 doing a pack with repaired coordinates. Be patient, no life.

Becouse he wants to have ready.

Don’t cry, nolife. This is an order?

Because I dont know how to rigg for gmod D: and I dont know how to rip em T position D:

Sweet. Hope this gets used soon.

You don’t have gmod. You want convert these models to gta sa.

I have gmod :slight_smile: Not in home. In my friend lan house "

BIG buuullshit!

You are a Bullshit.

CptWolf. This looks impressive. Do you think It’s possible to fix UV on EVERY model? (Just wondering)

I’d assume so.

You got another topic where you got screenshots. =.=
A teraz wypierdalaj.

Yes. With all models without UV ( hands, sleeves and players ) :slight_smile:

There is always tutorials floating around the forums, just look around.

luxox_18 already doing a package of models.
Difficult to understand? lol

The more people working on the models means that more ragdolls and props will be released. It’s not hard to understand.

Hmm, my mistake xD.

I’m working in multiplayer models. I and my friend

Wow, you sound like a fucking 11 year old who has nothing to do all day but complain about other people because they can do a better job than you. Honestly, so what if he doesn’t have Gmod. He could use them as replacements for CSS or TF2. Have a fucking cry elsewhere, not on someone’s thread.

If you don’t know anything about me please stfu. I know a long time how fix uv’s coordinates.


I need a tutorial “how to rip in T pose” =/

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Ur Woods dont have hair LOL! Or are in alpha?