Request for Cod 4 RotU models

Hello guys, im so sorry for disturbing you like this but i you guys are my only hope,im searching for zombie models for CoD 4 RotU mod,im a noob in all this modelling…can someone port me zombies from CoD:BO2 or CoD:WaW…i would be verry thankfull for this, we are trying to improveCoD 4 RotU mod but we dont know how to rip models so if is possible if you can rip the models from CoD:BO2 or CoD:WaW…please. Thank you in advance.

Pretty sure the zombies from World at War and Black Ops (not BO2) were already ported. Just take a look around and you should find them.

That is ok but i do not own steam account, is there any other way where i can download this zombies?

This isn’t a COD modders forum, it’s for STEAM games