Request for extracted battlefield 1943/ bad company 2 WW2 player models

Hello all! I would like to request the player models from the Battlefield 1943 console exclusive game, or at least the reused character models from the first level of Battlefield Bad Company 2. I would love to have all of the US and Japanese player models if possible.

I am recreating Battlefield 1943 in Battlefield 2, since we never got the game on PC, and since BFBC2 mod tools are really not advancing very far to do much.

Here is a link to the mod if you would like to follow or help us out with things.

Anyways, 1943 models would be best, but like I said, BFBC2 works for us too.

Also, if you guys happen to have any other stuff like all of the weapons models or vehicles please if you know where links to them are or if you can extract them for us it would help us out a lot.

Thanks and we hope to see you on the battlefield!

i had a type 5 semi auto rifle of bad company 2, but is in COD format (xmodel) or something

You will need TomXmodelUtils for it to export them to .ma or .obj files.

i try to use it but i dont know how xd, and the program crashes when try to open the file

Tom’s model tools and Wraith are only for ripping from running games. If you have the files in cod format someone must have ported them first, you should look for that person.