Request for Garry

I bought rust on steam a shortly after it came out and was immediately blown away. There have been many games that have come out recently that try to imitate Rust but none of them have succeeded in providing me the realism and danger i feel when i’m gathering resources and i hear footsteps. This game gets my heart going when people try and raid me and I’m placing barricades to keep them from coming in in a last ditch effort to keep my metal frags and sulfer. This game is fun even better when played with friends because you guys can strategical move as a squad and flank the enemy or breach rooms. The only thing I would like to say negatively about the game is that its too bad about the hackers. I took a break about a year and a half ago because I kept getting killed and robbed by flying players. I am not very happy to see that the issue still has not been corrected because it is game breaking for now. Please fix the issue by doing something on your end and not make players like my friends and I rely solely on a modded server with even worse fps and inactive admins. I have played almost non stop for 2 weeks on a few “OFFICIAL” servers and all of them have 0 admins and many hackers so it shouldn’t be hard to ban people that act like admins? I’m beginning to think that the hackers are the admins on your official servers since nothing is being done that allows anyone to notice. A VAC ban or a steam ban takes at least a week so that doesn’t even help. I know you and your team must be very busy but please think about this going up your priority list.

I was playing on Facepunch Texas 1 and Facepunch Texas 2. Both have atleast 3 hackers on per day.

Stop playing on the official servers.

Official servers are the test servers for hackers and the Rust aficionado.
There needs to be a focus place where this behavior can be studied and tested.
It is easier to study a weasel in a compound than in the wild.

Accept it for what it is, and enjoy the fireworks.

stop playing rust. cheaters everywhere.

Says the fool who’s clearly never joined a good community server.

sure. 2k in rust and never…dude cheaters everywhere…on off servers they fly kill etc and dont care coz no admins. on comm. servers they playing at night and loot ur house through wall and they cant be catched

Sounds like someone has never played on community servers.

Sorry about your luck.

Keeping hackers at bay well enough to keep them from ruining anyone’s experience would require all their attention and resources, which would in turn result in the game never being finished. Let them finish the game and then focus on blocking hackers.

Totaly agree. They put some effort in it to give us an enjoyable playtime. Yet due to the still ongoing production of the game they can’t put everything in to this.
It would be great for us to get them fairly 75% blocked off or perhaps more and perhaps it might be possible to do, because the game is at a decent state already.

Or perhaps Garry needs a big sponser or company that might be able to create this oppertunity? :smiley:

Play on a community server with good, active admins. They generally take care of hackers pretty quickly.

Whining about hackers on forums gets nothing accomplished.

I play on a good modded server with admins that do a very reasonable job at removing hackers. that’s what keeps me going with the game. If official servers were the only option, I’m sure many people, myself included, would not play Rust because of hacking. It is wildly out of control on official.

This advice gets posted over and over and over, and yet nobody seems to heed it.

It’s easier just to shitpost in a forum, I guess.