Request for Garry's Mod Server Manager

Dear Developers,
We are in need of some long term assistance. We have in the past had several third party developers assist in the assortment of tasks within our community, however, lately our leadership has found this to be incredibly inefficient. We are looking for someone (or maybe more than one) person/s to assist in our TTT server management. We have available positions within our leadership which will allow you the opportunity to develop a well-rounded Garry’s Mod TTT server along with future development in any Garry’s Mod game mode.
Our community is active in several games and has a well-developed member base. We do request that you to have a strong understanding of general server management, Garry’s Mod add-ons, LUA, and general “coding” experience.
If you wish to show your interest in the position, please do not directly respond to this thread. Feel free to either sign up for the website ( to contact any one of the Co-Leaders or email us:
We sincerely appreciate your time for reading this thread and also thank FacePunch for such an opportunity to help our community.

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Don’t post this here. This place is for help and support not for you to find someone to make a server for you.

On a side note, no one will accept a meaningless rank on your server as payment for being their developer.

I really do apologize for posting this here if it is in-fact the incorrect forum. Just to be clear, we are looking for Help & Support for a CURRENTLY RUNNING TTT SERVER. We are not seeking anyone to build a server or do anything other than manage a popular server.

On a second note, the “meaningless rank” you suggest is not so. Our community has over 950 members, 3 gaming servers, 4 supported games, and several events each year. I would suggest you not attempt to bash something you have no perspective on. The position we are offering is for someone to have access to a populated server. We need someone who is knowledgably enough to assist us with managing this server along with developing future Garry’s Mod servers. This is something VERY few communities give out. Other than starting a clan on your own and spending five or six years building it from the ground up this is not an offer to laugh at.

Why would someone with server knowledge just choose to merge with you. Why not make their own.

So yeah.

: The reason someone might be interested in assisting us could be because there is a lot of risk, money, time, and effort involved with creating a community we have already established. We are offering a chance to be literally in-control of something already established. Making something like from scratch with some server managing knowledge is not easy. We have populated servers and a great member base, however, we are lacking in on-hand server specific manager. We appreciate your opinions they are simply not helpful.

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Aeternal, thank you very much for the website link, will check it out, and hopefully something will pop-up. Really appreciate the assistance! Many thanks sir!