Request for multiple StarWars PlayerModel Gmod

Hello, I know I’m asking too much but I’d like to know if anyone would be able and have the desire to do this for GMod?
I do not know how to create playermodel, so I come to you to make this request.

Here is the list of model :
Aayla Secura, Dooku, Fisto, Padme, Ventress, Luminara, Shaak Ti, Yoda, Anakin and Ashoka Tano from The Clone Wars
Kenan, Ezra and Inquisitor from Rebels
Finally, Poe Dameron from SW7: The Force Awakens
Hylo Visz from SW:TOR

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and respond

PS : Sorry for my bad english, i’m french ^^’

Qui S’excuse S’accuse.

I see nothing wrong with your English my french friend. Still I doubt someone will do those just for you. I heard that few users around here were working on some of those, but I doubt they will be making player models. Personally when I rig and compile something it’s not a player model. Most of us here are for scene builds… Not for player models.

Up ;c ?