Request for Pony OC's for SFM/Gmod

To the moderators, delete this post. I’ve decided to do my modeling myself.

(User was permabanned for this post ("How about we delete you too" - verynicelady))

Just a heads up here, but nobody gives a shit about ponies on this website. Including me.

Expect to be showered in boxes.

step one: take existing pony
step two: hue shift the texture


You do realize I have no idea how to do anything with modeling, or even making a texture in the first place? Could someone just please do it, cause I really need this done.

You don’t deserve to have Bionicles in your email address

That has nothing to even do with the subject here.

I will recolor a pony model and slap a new cutie mark on it for $15

People really do just not know how to act cool at all anymore.

How dare people not do things I request

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This forum sucks so much shit

Was ist das.

That’s my video in which I am quite happy to have made. Now are you going to stop these petty insults and just ignore this post, as I’ve found out that nobody is half the person I thought they would have been and will more than likely do anything I want myself as you people are those of the people who make up a terrible part of the world where you think you are cool for making fun of other people. You’re not, sorry.

sorry guv but this place doesn’t take kindly to my little pony
from my point of view it’s a tinny bit overreacting but you’re probably best off looking somewhere else

another problem is that you’re expecting someone to model some crap on top of an existing base and try to make it work and make it fit, free of charge
last time that ever worked for me, i was extraordinarily lucky to have met the nicest son of a gun on earth but now they’re gone and for the most part the modeling section is porting central

this is like a weird deviantart fantasy, i haven’t cringed this hard since the invention of the fedora

I just like how he couldn’t do the most basic of things and upload his images for us to see, like someone’s going to email him to see his pony

hey um shoot me an email at

i’ll be happy to model some sweet ponies for you, question though, do you want modeled genitalia or no?

This was literally the most depressingly awkward thing I have ever seen in my entire life, and I’ve been regularly browsing Facepunch for almost five years.

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I am a voice actor: please message me to do voices for all future episodes.

The problem isn’t ponies, it’s “hello I don’t know any of you and have contributed nothing to this community but I want someone to make a personal model that will be of no use to anyone else so I can make a video but I’m not going to show examples of my work to show if I have any potential or not, also just to tip the odds even further away from my favor you have to go out of your way and email me to even look at a drawing of the thing I want modeled because the sole person who will benefit from your free time is too incompetent to even use photobucket”

digitalero already made a pony dick, they saved you time. (NSFW, it’s an actual modeled pony dick for gmod.)

oh wow quality movie, plz make more!
liked and subbed :^)