request for scripter that can make me a gmod mmo

um ive ben looking for a gmod mmo for some time now and none of them are complete or even good so im willing to pay some on now if they would make one

800 dollars sounds good to me

how long would it take you

Rofl. An entire mmo gamemod could take up to months, maybe a year… Depending on the quality… a few months is probably the minimum. Given the programmer is working full time on it…

aww man i wasnt expecting that anser lol

I could finish it in one month.

^ Aaand how well do you think you could make this? Also how many hours a day will you be working it? lol

I would be working on it for 70 hours.

EDIT: Reread your OP, obviously you arent supplying maps, models, and textures so my price is now $2500 USD.

LOL. Shiiiiit man. And 70 hours a day? lolwut. “Also how many hours a day will you be working on it?”

Depends on the timeframe hes looking for.

a 2500$ mod for a 10$ game?

this mod costs 250x more than the actual game

I’d say about $7500 for the gamemode, and $1500 for the textures, $1000 maps, sounds and models. :smug:

Rofl you guys. Okay I’d honestly say now you’re taking advantage of this, 800 should be the max and after thinking about it, it’s kinda extreme for a $10 game as kaukassus said.

This just shouldnt be made, it would take lots and lots of code which will just lag unless you have a really good server with lots of bandwidth, and the client has a good build also.

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also you don’t really know what you are talking about

Doesn’t stop Conna from charging stupidly large amounts of money for his gamemodes.


True dat.

I’l make you textures for $1000.