Request for the Consolidation of Blacklight: Retribution Models

Here is what I am requesting:
Ragdoll: Generic Male with all the equipment/armors as bodygroups
Ragdoll: Generic Female with all the equipment/armors as bodygroups
Model: Assault Rifle with all the combinations of receiver, muzzle, stock, etc. as body groups
Model: Light Pistol with all the combinations of receiver, muzzle, barrel, etc. as body groups
Models: Usable equipment such as the knife, grenade, mine, etc., as either individual models or one with a lot of body groups

sorry it has to be such a robotic list. i’m too tired to make it pleading.

your two ragdolls cannot hold all the parts. We’ve tried and the only way to do is by splitting it into at least two different ones.

So four ragdolls then? Or is the problem in that there are not enough groups for all the variations of equipment?

The problem is that all of the torsos and legs and helmets put together overrun both the bodygroup and texture limits, which is why the ragdolls I worked on are split into so many models - otherwise, it was impossible to get all the helmets, torsos, and legs, plus the different light colours, into one single model.

Same reason that I haven’t bothered with more than one variant of each weapon I bothered with at all - every single attachment has it’s own texture, which would quickly overrun the texture limit, plus all the bodygroups. And then, of course, there’s the fact that all the parts must be put together by hand.

It’s just not really worth all the effort for the guns, especially when only 4 different parts for each actually look any good at all.

What’s wrong with the BLR guys we have now?

I haven’t found a good set. I know that BLR has some nice light gear fellows, but I can’t find any. I only have these heavy set types.

Fair enough.

My pack has all of the torso/leg variants and most of the helmets though? All the light stuff is featured.

Well, I should have just asked you.

Thanks, Taggart.