Request for the map!

**Hello there! **

Im Source Shift, The Collaborator And Partner Of “vRP” Or “Virtual Roleplay” Gamemode Project For Garry’s Mod 13, Which Is Being Developed By “Vercas”

The reason I’m posting this thread, Is that we need map for our project, which is yet, in pretty early stage of development.

**Planned features:
Giant size, (really, really giant).
Very tall skybox.
Tall buildings (really tall).
Lots, lots of living places (we will ship realistic apartment ownership system for gamemode).
Custom textures, custom models.
Futuristic style of enviroment.
All Buiding should be connected with each other, with bridges, or something like that.
Railway system
Roads for cars.


Our Basic Budget will be- 200$

For more details and of course, if you want to help, contact us:


I need to mention that, if the map is really good, we’re willing to pay more as a reward for the effort.

The planned features might seem a bit demanding, but please ask us (preferably privately) before jumping to a conclusion.

Being realistic, this isn’t really possible on Source without cutting corners, such as only having the insides of the buildings have detail, and everything outside is just pretty scenery; and you have to teleport players from building to building.

Nice url

I am not sure about the brushes, but in GMod 13 the entity limit is 4 times as big as in GMod 12 or other Source games.
Couldn’t that help?

Also, maybe “giant” isn’t the right word. “Dense” would fit more.

The thing is, we want the map to have the normal utilities a city would have, and a lot of places to live, so we can make this as realistic as possible.

“Cutting corners” would be okay if it’s not going to compromise the quality of the map.

No…it wouldn’t help.

Source’s hard coded limits are half a mile cubed. And even then, you have unwritten engine limitations to contend with. Evocity ran into issues because of sources limitations. Evocity remains the largest rp map out there i believe (that is actually detailed)/

Gmod’s ent limit may be 4x, the issue is that you ARE going to run into brush limits, and then prop limits, and then lightmap limits; once you try to make a map THAT detailed and THAT big, you hit walls; look at Evocity, that looks pretty good, but the reason it isn’t as good as say: L4D’s maps (in terms of detail) is because its so LARGE it has to spread its resource a LOT thinner.

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Was gonna happen really…because i am a badass ninja :slight_smile:

If you REALLY wanted to do something like this (Which I’ve attempted before, and with varying success with different strategies) You’d need to make your own Source mod; have multiple servers ran only by you, there could be a “main” map that has all the outside details, the map would have to be fully optimized and use custom shaders to cut down on hacky-ways to do things (For example, you could use more static models, because you could have a shaders that allows lightmapped props, or a deferred plugin ontop of the static lightmaps) and then when you entered a building it would join some other server that’s map contains all of the innards of the buildings, and a static-high-poly-and-texture model as the skybox / outside.

you CAN do it, buy WHY in source ?

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I’ve tried this before (And my mod-team is working on a project like this as well) so I can attest to the pain-in-the-ass this would be; you would need to pay the level designer LARGE amount of money, and the same with the poor bastard who does the models.

So your offering like 300 USD for 4-5 months of work? I think any decent mapper here can make way more by working for a company noy even finishing a map like that entirely

Shouldn’t the model guy get more, considering what a pain it is to get models working in source (not exactly drag and drop :frowning: )

/stops causing trouble.

Thanks, I’m proud of it!

Model guy gets 69x what the mapper gets…

Importing models into source can be a bitch, but its improved a lot with the community tools.