Request for tree/foliage/grass models.

Can anyone create foliage and stuff for me ? im new to this i dont know how i can make my own. thx guys!

What kind of foliage?

i dont know how to make detail grass so i want something like grass prop static or dynamic.
and some trees. thats only what i want. thx

There are props that have this. They aint prop as much but rather effects and have no collisions. Go to your prop list and into the search, type in tree and hit enter a few times and let the entire prop library load and it should be there. If not here are some links:

If you want to be able to create trees and grass and shit, youve got to learn how to import models into the game as well as textures since you will need to be able to know how alpha channels work with VTF textures (gmod textures). Thats another mission altogether so do some research on how to import props or if you want custom props imported, I can do them for you

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Okay Thanks guys! Really helped me :wink:

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hmm you can make it for me ? tht will be nice, if its freeee :smiley:

Ehh i could do but give the ones that ive posted a try and maybe if im bothered i can import some more

yes the trees are nice. but the grass looks … i dont know, look prety wierd.