[REQUEST] Gas Mask and Sleeping/Tear Gas

Hello Everyone,

First off, I do not know if this is the right place to post this, so if it isn’t, admins/mods feel free to move it.

Now for what I am requesting:

I want a Gas Mask with/and/or Sleeping/Tear gas mod/addon for my server. (Not naming it here due to rules of Advertisement on Facepunch)
as I think it would be cool for Donators/VIP/CP/Swat to have. The server is DarkRP and I ran a vote and majority players think its cool and would like it there.
Players would be able to purchase gas masks (for a price) and use them.

If possible: I would like the mask to crack/break when you take damage.

I need it to have a sort of overlay like in Metro Last Light.

I found one like that on YouTube but there was never a link.

If anyone knows something with this or is this, please let me know with a link as I have been scouring the web for ages. You can find the link to the youtube video I found of something of this sort here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=airL9FX3jmw

Thanks Again,


Or you can learn lua and actually code it yourself.

Or, you know, someone could not give a generic negative comment and point every single request to coderhire or the typical response of “code it yourself”…

You know some people are not muppets and can be keen to actually help out, after all we are a community… people that comment like you is what makes the whole point in facepunch forums go down the drain… elitest/posh comments and only the “jocks” working to help each other…

Even the friendliest of people may not be keen to helping others. Though usually no one wants to do these things for free, some people are helpful, and some people are dicks.

I’d go with this.

The key word here is community, communities dont work by random strangers coming in and asking for things to be done. everyone here (usually) helps others.

and to be frank, you should probably code it yourself. you will get it just the way you want, and you will learn from it

TLDR: Everyone on Facepunch is an elitest jock who hates newbs unless they code stuff for me!

I like the concept but you are going about it all wrong