>REQUEST< Good admin mod.

I want a good admin mod that is stable, more like assmod, but with more features. Make more compatible with most gamemodes that are used, I would like features like:
Ban - Times 1 hour, 2 hours, and custom, and things like that, and reasons and quick to use.

Kick - With reason

Plugins that are organized that are quick and easy to use ( less assmod’ish )

Unban menu that wont mess up like assmod sometimes.

Something that shows your admin, and that you can go undercover from admin, something like a glowy name or like that. you know something cool.

A easy to use gamemode changing (ingame) system.

Map changing button to any you want.

Rcon commands ingame (Owner only)

Groups - Owner, Super Admin, Admin, Respected, and guest.

Sandbox settings ( Noclip, weapons spawns, limits, etc. ) and Weapon spawns to Super admins + or customizable ingame.

Easy set access like assmod, but Super admins, and admins CANNOT change it for anyone.

No Weapon / Items for admins.

Im basically wanting a modified assmod. I cant do it I tried lua once and I failed hard. But if someone would please do this admin mod I would really appreciate it :). Thanks.


Fly away troll :expressionless:

I am assuming that you are building this yourself?

I tried a while back, Failed so im asking for help.


Well, not help more of a good modder to do it, Im requesting it :slight_smile:

Wrong section. Also, nobody is going to do this for free.