request grey enhanced MvM robots

Im glad that these robots have been released, but could anyone perhaps make a grey-colored version of them? I just think it fit’s Gray’s GRAY-Bot Army better

Why not just open the .VTF files in something like GIMP or Photoshop and edit them manually?

Get a vtf converter, open image on paint program, set image to grayscale, save and convert back to vtf.

Problem solved

edit: Slightly Ninja’d

I tried that, the textures end up missing, so I was hoping someone else could, I got a mac and Source Finalger, it cant import the same way like pc ones do

I’ll extract the models and send you a grey version in about an hour, have to get some stuff working first. Mediafire or Filesmelt?
-Edit- Steam is being shitty, may have to look into this tomorrow if it isn’t done by then. Sorry :frowning: