Request: Group doors/gates, movable campfires, workbenches, and ovens.

So the title pretty much says it all, i think it’s really annoying to add 6 doors to a 6 man house, instead of placing 1 group door.
And adding editing the position of stuff in houses.

What would be the purpose of a campfire if there is an oven?

You haven’t played the game have you?

I would really like this feature too, one door that works for everyone would be great.
Also, if I add people to my group I would like to be able to see their names from far away.

Yes yes yes. Please add this. Me and my friend have to have two seperate homes next to eachother and spend so much more time collecting wood to build these two homes.

Also to be able to see the names of your group members from some distance away - not very far.