[Request] Halo Combat Evolved Human Characters

Hey guys, was wondering if somebody could complete the Garry’s Mod ports for Halo: Combat Evolved. Although many models have been completed in the past, like classic Master Chief and Scout Keyes, I’ve always had this strange hunger for more. The models that I really want to see ported from the top of my head are:

Captain Keyes (Navy Officer Uniform)

Bridge Technicians

Marine Pilot

Armored Marines

These are just some examples. If I could, I’d port the models from Halo PC, but I have no idea where to find the models in the first place. It would be awesome to have these models, as I’ve always been a die-hard fan for the original Halo. Plus, these models would fit well with the Pillar of Autumn model created a couple years back.

A few of these are on gmod but only the bridge crewman from what Ive seen.It would be nice to see the others.

I’ve seen Keyes, the technicians, and the marines on garrysmod.org before. The Marines and Keyes were lost as far as i can tell, and/or very hard to find. The technicians can be found though. As for the pilot, that has not been done yet.

The pilot was around somewhere. I distinctly remember downloading a Halo 1 pack that did include her, Keyes, and the marines, but I can’t find it.

Meh, guess I’ll search around on my computer and try to dredge that shit out.

I know Keyes is out there, it’s just that the one I’ve found is him in the Scout Marine uniform. Still looking for the Armored Marine

Hello everyone,

I am releasing a Halo CE Model pack onto the Workshop very soon, and It includes all the characters listed here.
I’m currently working on it since I read this thread two days ago. Turns out I have a ton of old models directly downloaded and backed up from Garrysmod.org.
I probably have a ton of “lost” models in there xD

I will probably post it this week, and I will continue to update it with lost Halo CE models I find in my backup from here on out. -NecroM

update, I stopped working on the models because I quickly became overwhelmed in the amount of models that are in the pack. All of them have to be decompiled and the paths redone. Most of the models I have do not work at this time, and work stopped after more important matters developed. I am working on the models again, but it may take some time to fix every models specific problem.

Here is a photo of all the models I have been able to fix so far.