REQUEST: Halo: Combat Evolved SNPC+(optional)SWEP pack.

So i was looking around at the existing “Big” Gmod Addons today, such as Neurotec and Silverlans HL:R, and i had a thought about a kind of Halo version of HL:R, a huge pack with Combat Evolved SNPCS and weapons and stuff, i don’t know who would be able or willing to do this but im sure there is a great host of people, including me, who would flock to download it if it was made.

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There are already some outdated SWEPs for Halo ( and they could be converted. Haven’t found any SNPCs so that’s something you could request on coderhire.

I understand that Smod: halo has a whole bunch of weapons, if someone does decide to make something like this then maybe he could, if permission is given of course, take some animated models and stuff for the guns from there? i dunno…

SMod is not coded in Lua.

Ah… well… i can imagine the number of dumb’s about to go up on that last post =p