[Request/Help] Tutorials

Does anyone have a “simple” tutorial on how to add bones to a model so that it works with HL2/GMod? I’d really like to know.

Plus points for also including that one headhacking tutorial that was somewhere on the forums.

Headhacking Tutorial
Rigging Tutorial

I would recommend model hacking first, rigging is already hard enough but since mariokart’s tutorial is so old it will be harder, yes it still works but is outdated in the way that pictures and tools are gone now, may just have to half-ass you way though. :v:

Why thank you.

Any model with bones (either from a port or a custom job from an editor) can be made to work in gmod. So any tutorial to add bones from the various sites for 3dmax/blender or others (depending on your preferred modelling program, youtube is good for blender tutorials i’m told) can be used to get you to the point where you can export the model rigged for compilation (with the correct smd export tools which is another disscussion). Then you just need to do joint contrains if its a ragdoll, which i think is in mariokart’s tutorial. If its for a player model that will be much more… complicated.