Request: Historical/realistic medieval knights and weapons

I’m looking for some “realistic” medieval knights, weapon models, etc to use with SFM. I got some model packs, mostly stuff from GoT, Witcher, Skyrim, etc, but I was hoping for ones that were A) maybe a little higher resolution and B) more historical in nature. IE: No crazy Daedric princes with six-foot tall spikes on their shoulders.

Other than that I’m open to suggestions, not looking for anything from a particular game, just good models in general.

I have been working on props from Demon’s Souls for a while now. When I finish the weapons I will also do the soldiers.

You’re awesome, thanks!


I’ve been waiting for the For Honor characters to be ripped for so long. Sadly I don’t think they will ever come.

If only Archive_Next got updated to open up the .forge files that For Honor uses. I’d have ported a handful of them by now. I’ve been waiting for some good medieval Knights to use within sfm as well

I can port you most/all of the Chivalry: Medieval Warfare models. They’re generally pretty authentic (for game standards). Agatha Vanguard class is incredibly reminiscent of a late 13th century French knight. And the weapons are all fantastic.

I made an SFM pose of some of the models I ported but no one seemed to interested so I didn’t bother releasing them.

If you get your hands on these bad boys, mind sending over the files so I can set them up in Blender? Always wanted these since the game came out. Could make some good CGI with them.

Whenever the program gets updated. I’ll think about it

There aren’t many models, and I’m not sure of functionality cause I did them a while ago but here’s a few.

You’re awesome, thanks!

Went ahead and gave the knights that Vasey posted a metal material.

how’d you do that? is it in the vmt?

No. I got some textures from poliigon and made a pbsdf material for it

honestly i’ve never even heard of that, is that in source or something else?

Blender Cycles

oh, so not achievable in source?


In order to keep this thread alive, I’ve decided to continue to work on updating the models and materials. Here is the sword (Looks bad because it’s in viewport.)

I will have a rendered version later when I rig the knight.

Just put together the “King” body model with a Knight helmet. I only know of two helmets in the files given so I gave him the same one as the above.

UPDATE: Very basic cloth simulation.

UPDATE 2: yes