[Request] HL2 Train Station map edit

So, I’m not sure if this is allowed, but I want an edit of the starter map in HL2, long story short: I just want it cleaned up, the combine stuff removed, and all the junk removed. If possible, the stores next to the fences to be edited, to have one of the grates halfway open, two closed, and one all the way opened. And if you’re feeling generous, it would be really awesome if the lighting could be more realistic.

I guess it won’t be too much trouble. It is a default SDK map, after all. I’ll do it, but I might need some more information on the store grates. What’re you talking about?

Really sorry for the late response, but the storefront thing is here:

Wow, I’ve tried doing this on occasion to try and transform it into a sandbox map. Quite annoying for me, actually. It’s only because I tried to make a better landscape around it, utterly failed three times :v:

Though, I tried doing the station from EP1, so it was probably a bit more tedious.

Are there default .vmf’s for the trainstation? I’ve always decompiled, but is there an actual vmf file somewhere?

Yeah, in here:


Starting work now, but what do you mean by more realistic lighting? The lighting looks pretty realistic as-is, do you mean adding dynamic shadows and stuff like that? Because that’s in a different engine.

I think he mean making more shadow effect on the objects like the fences etc

Mother of fucking god, you’re a lifesaver. I do not have to worry about fucking up the map because of decompile anymore.

That’s in a different engine, IIRC. Other than that it’s going pretty good.

Yeah, really sorry for the late response, AGAIN, but you know with the lighting thing, I just wanted compatibility with the ingame sunbeams function with the large ceiling window in the main area.

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I literally have something like this just laying somewhere on my hard drive, just mine kinda combines the first map with the second map and has some messed up lighting.

I will post a pic later.