[Request] Industrial Props

Hello Facepunch,

I am looking for a model of a Centrifugal Pump simler to this one:


For my gamemode i am currently making to replace the airboat engine for the liquid pumps.
it should be about the same height and the input/ output needs to be a fair bit smaller for the 2.5 size ‘ropes’ going to it

There is also a second model i need of a ‘Nodding Donkey’


i would love it to be animated, however if that is not possible im fine with a model like this instead:

but without the part below the blue metal plate so it just sits on the ground.

Huge Thanks to anyone who does, Im afraid i havent got any money to pay, however i will gladly give several 1000 donator credits on the gamemode when it goes live.
Please Add me on steam if you are interested, I will happly show progress on the gamemode if you desire.