[Request] Is there any known combine synth guard npc?

(in advance i did not know if reqeusts count as help so if i does do as you need)

Hello i am new here this is my only one question is there anyway to get the combine guard synth from the hl2 beta the ones on garrysmod.org dont work (obviously) and angrypeppermushrooms addon is gone i was trying to make a gmod/hl2 machinima i would like to have him to make it complete you dont have to make it fancy or nothing just in a (semi)working condition i know most people would want money but i dont have a credit card

Why wouldn’t this qualify for “help”?

No i meant that i did not know requesting for something counts as help

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Does anyone know where i can get a combine guard to be more specific if not well thanks

You sound very young

No i just dont like credit cards i dont like the problems that come with it

Do you mean like a zombine?
You could always take the model from the garrysmod.org addon.

No no that robot synth guy from the e3_terminal that uses the “Combine Guard Gun”

I did make one, but I ended up removing it because I want to instead make a whole SNPC pack that is all related to Combine and HL2 beta.

Would you happen to have that pack? if not thanks anyway

I don’t have a credit card either.

Anyway, do you mean this?

Yes! him

so is there any coded snpc of that?

I dont care if its animations are glitchy i just need it to move and shoot its cannon

Close this thread i found one :dance: