[REQUEST]Jason Bourne

Hi guys, i am new here.
I am lost something in this forum but i am going to try explain the best posible.
I’ve been watching many models of other games in this forum,they are very cool and interesting, for this reason i want request a special character for Garry’s mod or other source game that maybe can be interesting.
He is jason Bourne from the Bourne trilogy, i don’t know if you guys know about him but he has a game in xbox 360 and ps3 that it is very good in my opinion. Maybe someone with some experience in ripping models for this console can port to gmod… I dont know if this post can get far, but i am very interested in get this for make some comics, for example make some scenes from the film
Well. i don’t know if i explain good but maybe with this pictures i can explain better.



Well, i don’t know if this pictures are very clear but i hope that someone can help me, maybe i can put more pictures or something.
Thanks for your patient, i know that it is a very hard job…

You know the Jason Bourne in the games isn’t the one in the movies, right. He’s a completely different person. :v:

He’s talking about the character himself, not the actor (I think, I could be misreading.) And besides, we don’t have Meytttt Deeeeymonnn models, anyways.

Yes i know that is different… but maybe anyone can rip from the game, i saw some people in forum able to do it. Well, i understand that they are busy with other more interesting things but it is only a preposition.