Request: Kefka from Final Fantasy VI

I’m surprised that there’s a Gmod version of Sephiroth and not Kefka from Final Fantasy VI.

While I am aware that a 3D model of Kefka exists(Ala Dissidia Final Fantasy), I have no knowledge of how to rip it. If anyone can take Kefka out of Dissidia and turn him into a Gmod model(Or make one from scratch), I’ll be a happy camper.

Isn’t Dissidia only on the PSP?

Yes. I am aware of that.

Does anyone need an image of what Kefka looks like?

I got the Kefka model if you want it. Though I have no idea how to port it to gmod.

Please post a link to it. Hopefully, someone might be able to rig him.

Oh, and do you have a model of Garland, Exdeath, and/or Golbez?

Contains Chaos, Cosmos, Emperor, Exdeath, Gabranth, Garland, Golbez, Kefka, Shantotto, and Terra. This is all I have I just found them I didn’t rip them. Hopefully they help you out.

All of them are .smd with .png textures except Kefka. He’s a .3ds with .tga textures. I believe the rest are boned. Sorry its the best I can do.

I’ll take a look at em as my friend would like them (which means i’m more likely to try :P)

Edit: Had a look, they are very very low poly and smoothing them buggers up the UVs so i’ll have to work at that. I’m increadibly suprised the skeletons and rigging are intact, that makes them much more interesting ^^

Thanks. That’s the news I needed to hear.

I hope your attempt to convert them to Garry’s Mod goes well, Silver Spirit.

I know this is a different FF, but had anyone done any possible models from FFIX?
I was hoping to someday see a Steiner and/or Beatrix model(s) with or without their respective swords.
(But specifically the “God Save the Queen” weapon the Bea’ has)

Ah you just reminded me about this thread, I have had a look at all the models now and as of yet still have not been unable to find a way to smooth the models without destroying the UVs :frowning: However there is an issue in that someone has aready tried to smooth the Kefka model (which I just noticed is the one the thread is for) and has done exactly what i’ve been trying to avoid and I have no idea how to go about fixing it :S

The Sephiroth in Gmod is quite mediocre. I wish Dissidia was on PS3, I really do. It’s a great game though.

Well damn.
Is there even a snowball’s chance in Satan’s ass that at least the weapons might be made for Gmod?
Can there be hope in the dim world of FF coming to Gmod?

I could try and hack some of the weapons off (they are all there but attached to their hands).

Are you serious? Are you saying that not only are they SMDs, but they’re boned/rigged? If so, they’re practically begging to be ported.

EDIT: And how exactly did you get these models? Is there an extractor out already?

Yes there is an extractor, forgot what it was call, but speak to me on steam if you want to know more about it.

Any chance of getting the other models in .3ds?

Awesome. whenever you get the chance it’d be cool to see pretty much any of the weapons but specifically Beatrix’s sword.

In other news: if anyone knows how to make anything from FF9 from scratch…
Wishful thinking