Request: Larger (much larger?) Maps / Worlds

I risk sounding obnoxious but hear me out. Im sure the game would be more realisic and profoundly interesting if the maps were much larger. Its pretty strange to see everywhere i go people killing me zombies everywhere and only a few seconds to gather wood before i get killed again… and again … untill again i just log out.

I feel the enviornment would improve if the gaming world were entirely much more larger maybe even continents. Perhaps when more content is added in beta or sooner i hope?, atleast.

Have you checked the news page? Garry has posted that they were working on a bigger map.

I’m guessing that as this is your 1st post, you have not read the Rust sub-forum or the actual website as there are a few threads and posts about the new map and pictures.


The current map is 8.5 km, currently only 3 km is survivable the last 5.5 km is just trees and no other resources going beyond the survivable area is suicide