Request: Left 4 Dead 2 infected NPCs in gmod

Sup guys. First time I post here, but onto the topic.
I’m making a video in which I’d need to do some special effects and the thing is- I need a common male infected NPC, ripped from L4D2, to use the NPC scene tool with a VCD file applied to it, so it plays the idle animation. I can deal with making the vcd and the other simple re-skinning I’ll need to do, but I can not figure out how npcs work and got no idea if it’s even possible to make a common infected npc for gmod.

Halp? Thanks alot in advance!

ep2 and l4d2 engine are totally different and incompatible with each other.

it would need very hard work to recreate a common infected npc

I guess I have better luck spawning a zombie in l4d2 on a green screen map, make the AI igore players and record a demo of the zombie waving around and then replace the skin, and record the second demo, in hopes it does the same animation? Or what other options do I have?

There’s plenty of other Zombie skins on

It needs to be a l4d2 one

Well tough luck then.

There’s only skins, the only person that has made a npc from a different engine is caps admin, he’s very good lua coder.

You can get the models using gm_mount2. But there’s no NPC support for them.

I already got the models but yeah, no luck with the NPC

Go ask in the Lua forums, because I don’t think this fits here.

Actually, all those are are fast running zombie NPCs. There are plenty of them on

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Interesting fact: use the model manipulator to turn an npc into any special infected and 9 times out of 10, theyll turn into the L4D2 NPC’s idle position. And if you use a hunter on a combine, when the combine would go into his “attack” pose, the hunter gets on the ground. But other than that, nothing more happens.

Wrong forum

he wants a common infected from left 4 dead, so I assume he wants all/most of the features this zombie has in left 4 dead.

just a running zombie would be easy. But how would you code the shove back function. or cutting the head/arms/legs off the body.

i dont think he cares if the body parts dont fall off

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good work

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