REQUEST - Levels / Penalties

I am very new to rust (about 3 weeks in) and mainly enjoy the game but there is a request that I think would make the game more fun for new players or for switching servers and that is levels and penalties.

What I mean by this is that if I am a new player or new to a particular server, I begin the game at a HUGE disadvantage to people who have been playing longer on that server. Too the point that some players quit looking for anything themselves and just loot new players who are easy to kill.

Before you point out that PvP is part of the game, please hear me out. I agree with the pvp statement, but it is not really pvp if it is a wood spear vs a ak47. So if there was a leveling system based on time played or something and a penalty for killing someone X number of levels below you then new people on a server could fight people of their level and advanced people can fight advanced people.

I am not sure if this is the right solution, but some solution is needed for people to switch servers or stop playing completely. It gets old doing the same 40 minutes over and over just because someone who has played on the server longer can kill you over and over and just take your items for their needs.

I expect some hate on this post and that is fine, I could be the only one finding it annoying to finally get a furnace and then get mowed down by an ak47 b/c I was unable (not too lazy) to build out of stronger material yet.

Love to hear peoples thoughts on this…

Then wouldn’t there be an even more extreme disadvantage if it were someone who just bought the game versus someone who has been around since Legacy?

It’s not the server vets that need to be penalized. Rust is harsh, and they’ve learned the ropes on their server to get where they are. The new players to the server gotta go through the same school of hard knocks, and the penalty for making a mistake is getting killed. There are newbie friendly servers out there if you find that a little too harsh.

yes and no. If you start on a server with 10 people that goes up to 200 then you started alot easier than someone joining it now that it is popular.

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Not sure why you make that comment but mark my post dumb… but to your point, yes a new player is at a huge disadvantage on servers with a decent number of players. Most games that have pvp also have a “safe” system where you can not pvp until a certain point. You would not go onto a game like starcraft and face a world champion.

Clarification to my original post. I find it annoying but will stick with the game, but we live in a world were people give up on games quick, so I though this might help the game grow and keep players long term.

Maybe as a mod when the Rust modding scene is a thing, if there isn’t such a mod/plug in as is. But certainly not as a vanilla feature.

Also, I only feel your second post is “dumb” because people claiming that Rust will fail if their idea isn’t implemented is getting really old.

I think the opinions of new players to the game should be listened to very carefully, as they have a ‘fresh’ view unaffected by participating in years of development so can give the devs an understanding as to how the end product will be received and whether the initial buyers will stick with the game.

On the other hand, after 3 weeks I don’t think a player can start demanding the game conform to their own desires as to what the game should be, as they lack the appreciation of what the game really is and how it works that long time players do have.

The most valuable info would be if the player makes a suggestion like this after 3 weeks play, then returns after 6 months play to see if they still stand by their suggestion.

Took me 3 weeks to get my shit together. Trick is to use the tools given to you. You can hide boxes in bushes, you can make stashes that you can bury. You can place sleeping bags in an area. Just find somewhere with a decent amount of hemp and you’ll get enough stuff together to call somewhere home.

Takes a while but you’ll get there.

Although i will say that the number of people using cheats/hacks is quite high at the moment which can make it a lot tougher for everyone (vets included). However it will hopefully get sorted “Soon™”

Rust isn’t and shouldn’t be a casual game.

Not necessarily, they may have gotten a head start vs the population growth, but they still had to face the rest of the server. Not every player will be on at the same time, and while those original 10 might have made gains while playing, the rest of the server while catch up when they aren’t on. Then they still have to fend everyone else off. Besides, coming into a 200 pop server isn’t exactly the wisest move unless you know what you’re doing or are expecting to die a lot.

Agreed, I do like to continue to post on threads that I start from a noob perspective and after some time, so will do.

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Good idea on mod plugins etc to come. And I did not mean to imply at all that the game would fail without this. It is annoying but that is part of the game. I just wanted to give input as someone fresh to the game. I love how there is constant changes and improvements and this is the first game I have ever been willing to buy during early access just b/c of how many die, but this has amazing potential so I wanted to check it out. I love the game and am sorry if I came across “entitled” to my needs, that was not my intention at all.

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thanks for the input, I will begin doing that. that makes a lot of sense and allows you to minimize your loses. I looked for a beginners guide and found some info but this is the most helpful thing I have heard. I have been trying to find a remote spot and keeping things together, but spreading them out in little hidden spots will help me to continue to move forward in the game.

While I understand your motivation, this runs counter to the very idea of Rust.

Now, having quoted all that, it’s worth noting that the game isn’t finished, so making a town with town walls and setting up traps and such isn’t as viable yet as the devs intend in the greater design. So, things are imbalanced right now; such is life in an alpha/Early Access title with incomplete features. This will change with time.

However, as previously mentioned in the thread, as far as mods go? Go nuts, set it up your way. That’s what modding’s for.

P.S. Just a note, I am not a Rust developer.

Nice post, I like how they summed up the motive of the game and after reading everyone’s post who have played a lot more than me, I see I just need to learn the game a bit better and not getting annoyed when my work gets ruined over and over. Once I get better and can have an equal fight with someone I suspect it will make me less salty.

I am not criticizing the game one bit and will continue to play it but you must admit that the steam description is a bit deceptive on what really happens…
“The only aim in Rust is to survive. To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals for meat. Protect yourself from other players, and kill them for meat. Create alliances with other players and form a town. Whatever it takes to survive.”

That all depends on the server you play on.

A server recently held the “Rust Olympics” and was featured in a community post on the devblog. That goes well beyond an alliance and a town.

Some servers are blunt, dumb kill-on-sight deathmatching, but you might be amazed what happens if you just try and talk to someone. If you find that too many people aren’t interested in talking to you and just want to blow you away for your rock, time for a new server with fewer 12-year-olds.