[REQUEST] Liang model from Waking Mars

He looks like this:


I need this for a SFM project. I am willing to pay refined to do this.
Excuse me if this is in the wrong part of the forums.

Bump, need help.

What is it that you need exactly?

Do you need this ripped from a game?
Is this a request to make this outright custom?

I need a model made from scratch, as the game itself is entirely 2d. I have no prior knowledge of modelling, so some help on this would be great.

Ok so do you need a fully rigged model to make as a playermodel? Or is it to be used as a ragdoll for posing?

If it’s going to be made from scratch, it may as well be put on the Valve skeleton so it can be used for either.

Yeah, probably. I want it to be made high quality though, for SFM. I can’t use it on this computer, but hopefully in the meantime someone can make use of it.

he looks a bit like that chang from battlefield 4.

One of the hl2 males?

Nah, isn’t close enough to the face I need.