(( REQUEST ))Linux filename addon changer/fixer

Currently a few epic addons do not seem to want to run as is on Linux servers, yet hosting providers have been selling them and placing a few butthurt folks in a shabby spot, Upon investigating this issue, a few folks tell me it’s all having to do with filenames.


A simple something or other that will sniff threw your selected addon for your Linux server, and fixes it so it won’t suck and make you rage out when you log onto your server for the 17th time and see its still not working right like the fun looking videos…

Whether that is changing filenames to lowercase, replacing spaces with _ , I’m not the linux server addon genius here is what I am asking / posting.

Do this And:
People here will prolly throw a parade in your honor, holidays will be given, people will get laid !!!

Thank you, that is all.