Request: Long hair male, black clothes

Alright, I need a white male with long black hair (at least shoulder length, any longer is fine) and all black clothing. If it’s possible, please give him a trench coat (also black). This picture of Jackie Estacado is PERFECT for what I’m requesting (you don’t have to add the red, or the cuts and bullet holes).

Is this possible to make? And also, if something like this already exists, please redirect me to where I can find it, I’ve searched around and couldn’t find it. If you need me to be more specific, just let me know. The face doesn’t really matter, just any normal, non-ridiculous face will do.

Thanks :smiley:

I’ve tried helping him find a long-haired guy model. I couldn’t find a thing. I told him about this site because someone was kind enough to help me ^^
Hopefully someone can help Mez out or at least point him to a model

Would be great to have a model like this, take a look at my request, I think you will like what you see there Mez and itzapy

Actually they don’t have much nothing in common lol Your Model Request and his only share the trench coat idea.

but they both look inanely sinister.

Actually, if somebody made your trench coat, I’d be happy to just color it black, and I could ask someone to head hack the head (I found a female head in the Fear Factory pack, luckily she doesn’t look really girly, but she has the hair I need)


This is what the head looks like, I could probably make her lips look less… lipsticky, and that should be fine.

I forgot to mention, I want to be able to use it as a Playermodel AND a ragdoll.

All playermodels are ragdolls with anims.

I found a Trenchcoat! Does anyone know how to combine the coat with the head? Let me know

This is what the trenchcoat looks like:

Here’s a thread on making NPC’s and Playermodels.

That seems waaaaay too complicated for me to figure out…

Here are some links to both of the models.



The head is part of a pack, but the head should be recognizable, three models have it.