[Request] Looking for a clan to join

Hi I am looking to join a clan and play rust with here is some basic info about me

IGN: frrossst
Servers: Any US server.
Microphone: Yes
Voips: Everything (Perf TS3 or Skype)
About me: I am a caudal gamer that enjoys FPS style games I play lots of rust because I like it! I am usually one to be nice in game unless the person pisses me off then I will kill them but at times I can straight up just be a bandit

Still looking! Pm me please

Pm me :slight_smile:

Your not allowed to receive pms? Anyways still looking!

Check out our server, a lot of cool dudes here…


I’m not looking for a server im looking for a clan but thanks anÿways! Still lookinh