[Request] Looking for a dedicated team to make a gamemode

I’m making a golfing gamemode who want’s to help? Garrys mod already has so many gamemodes, why not golf?

[Level Design]
For level design I plan on making a huge set of maps, each map containing 3 to 5 holes to play on. I plan on starting with the first map being a putt putt and driving range.

The LUA coder will need to design a teamless gamemode with a thirdperson view that will operate like any other golf game (club changes, ball physics, etc). I think it’d be neat that you could earn money for your scores and buy new clubs and balls (maybe a golfcart :D), and maybe have an option to bet other players on a game (Server saves money, equipment, and high scores).

The modeler will be responsible for creating golf clubs, altering player models to use said clubs, and making various other models if needed.

If you’re interested make a post. I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

My team so far:
Level Designers - Sashi
Programmers -
Modelers -
Sounds - Sashi

Fleshed out the gamemode ideas.

i could do a bit of lua but in my own spare time and only if i can keep the lua i make and use it in my own gamemode

Looks a bit like Zinger no?

Sorry, I’m looking for dedicated people. If I let you reuse the gamemode code on a different gamemode, it would take away from the original.

but if I code it, wouldn’t i be entitled to use it?

he wants to use it for his game mode lobby sort of thing his chat box looks a bit like sas… ill shut up now