Request: Make riot office models for citizen

Could somebody please make these models skins for the citizen in ep2 sdk?

Thank you in advance.

P.S: Do not need to make the riot shield a skin, FYI.


Are you asking for those guys to replace the default citizen models?

No, there is a model list in sdk when you click the citizen

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And if it isnt trouble could someone skin the metropolice to have the gas mask in the pack on them?

never mind about the gas mask.

What are you asking for?

to make the ragdolls in the link models available to use on the citizens in ep2 sdk.

So as NPCs, or… what? Do you mean you want to attack the citizens with these officers as a scripted event in the SDK? For a mod or something?

I think he means reskin the citizens in ep2.

Somebody already asked him that. I don’t think he understands English particularly well.

yes, if you click the citizen on sdk there is a model section.

You should probably word your requests a bit better in future. As it stands, this sounds like a fairly easy thing to do, but most people are probably a bit confused at the moment.

what i think he means is to add a second skin for the rebels in sdk so he can use like the normal rebels then have the riot rebel with them like when you chose a skin in sdk i think you have to chose a skin of which he is talking about, i think it means hexed for sdk that’s what hes talking about. correct me if I’m wrong.

Totally correct. And i was wondering what hexed meant.

OK i get what hes saying what he wants is the riot police to be an extra skin for the citizens but in sdk like when you spawn a citizen npc it chooses a model (male 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,etc) and he wants to add a male riot like model to the list of citizen models so you can switch to that one like you can with the skinswitcher stool in gmod that way he can make it like beginning of the game or mod or map whatever you see citizens then half way through you see rebels then towards the end you get the riot troops to help you! well is that right?

Yes, thank you so much!


is it easy to do it and is there a turorial so I could do it and do it for anything else in the future?

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