Request: Mario Models.

I could die at any time… so I think it could kill me. It may not be the direct reason, but I can die from the wait. My life is in great danger. Let me say, if I were like Mario, I had the fireballs power up, but I’ve been dropped to the short version of Mario after my accident. I could have died 3 times already, and I could die from a heart attack if I stopped taking my medicine… and even then, it still could happen.

hopefully a big ass goomba stomps on you then.
right after your little heart attack and drama story.

I’m hoping more for King Goomba (Giant Bowser) to hit me with fire, instantly killing me.

Wow you’re creepy

Also I love how someone told you to wait until christmas and now you literally think you’re self entitled to those models.

No, I’m not patient, I’m just a Patient.

Looks like we won’t get more Mario models, not even Source Filmmaker versions

I might release peach but she still needs finger posing and face posing and better collision.

Peach isn’t going to help me right now, though. I will except models without finger posing, as long as they have suitable animations for gameplay.

oh ok i didn’t know i was doing this for a specific person but i guess i am now