Request. Meet the Pyro models.

Hey, everyone. As you all know, meet the pyro has been realeased, though if you don’t know here’s the video

Anyway, I was hoping that someone can make models of the blue team baby/cherubs in the video.

It’d would be great for machinimas and stuff.

Thanks :smiley:


I advise that you give it time, the trailer was just out today, and the models won’t be released into TF2 for a while.

I doubt that Valve would make models for those, but you’re probably right.

Well, actually they kinda already did, seeing as they’re in the video and all. Also seeing how SFM is getting an official release, they’re probably gonna be releasing the models used in it as well (remember Meet the Sniper?).

So yeah, give it some time.

they might just be effects though, but it shouldn’t be so hard to ragdoll them.

I want those baby models. So cute.

Babbys in my Gmod? I want them now! :smiley:

Just a heads up, it is useful to put requests in the request thread. :smile:

Wait, Valve still has to give out their resources they used in the Meet Team videos

It’s in SFM now, but I can’t find them.